There’s a myriad of information on the internet telling what and what not to eat to drop those extra pounds. If you scan through it all, then it can make losing weight an incredibly complex process that only a few people can actually achieve. However, the reality is that losing fat is actually quite simple and only requires a few helpful tips and tricks.

By far, the most important factor in any journey towards changing how your body looks is going to be calories. If you’re eating more calories than you’re burning, then you’re going to gain weight, and if you do the opposite, then you’re going to lose weight. Therefore, any diet that puts you in a calorie deficit where you’re eating less than you’re burning is going to work for weight loss.

Yet, weight loss and fat loss are two very different things. Weight can come from water, fat, muscle, and bone, meaning that if you’re more hydrated on one day, then the scale might show an upward trend. Fat loss on the other hand really locks into what we want gone and should be the focus of any weight loss journey.

In order to make sure that the weight you’re losing is coming from fat, there are two things you can be doing. The first is to stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid any shift in scales from dehydration, and the second is to eat more protein. Protein is an extremely satiating macronutrient that only carries 4 calories per gram with a ¼ of these calories being burned off simply in the digestive process. Protein also helps to promote lean muscle mass, meaning that when you’re losing weight, your muscle will be spared and your fat will be prioritised.

Another helpful tip is to increase your fiber intake. Fiber not only helps to improve our digestion but also takes up a large volume in your stomach which keeps us fuller for longer. Not to mention, most high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruit are relatively low in calories and have been proven to aid in fat loss.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to jump on the latest fad diet as long as you’re exercising well and eating the right foods. Fad diets may work for a small amount of time, but they don’t have any longevity to them which means that you might gain all of the weight back once you realise you can’t stick to the eating restrictions. Instead, you should focus on small, sustainable changes that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. It doesn’t need to be anything drastic, but as long as you’re doing better than you were yesterday, then you’re moving forward.

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